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Maternity Boudoir

“I am 9 months pregnant. I was extremely hesitant to go through with a maternity boudoir session. Would I look okay on camera? Would I be comfortable? Would I be happy with the outcome? These are the questions that prevented me from doing a shoot my first pregnancy….and I regretted it. This time, I did not give myself the time to think it through. I reached out to Lizz and my consultation was scheduled within four days. When I went for the consultation to meet Lizz, (I had not met her prior and only communicated with her via e-mail) she made me feel extremely comfortable and welcome in her studio from the second I walked in the door. I booked my session that night. Lizz told me that she would assist me with choosing outfits, would direct me step-by-step with posing, and that I had absolutely nothing to worry about. And she followed through on all of that. The day of the shoot I woke up wanting to back out. I felt huge and uncomfortable and wondered why I was going to document that forever! Well, let me tell you…you feel like royalty the second you walk through that door. The glam team and Lizz are there ready to get you beautified (and they do a FANTASTIC job, by the way). I was nervous for the first outfit but then everything after that came so naturally and there isn’t a second thought about how you feel you look because you’re so in the moment, laughing and having fun. The time flies and next thing you know it’s over. Afterwards, I felt so ridiculous for being so nervous and wanting to bail last minute. I am SO glad I didn’t. At my photo reveal I was amazed that was me on the screen. Lizz did an amazing job, beyond words. I am very critical of myself in photos and I had an extremely hard time narrowing down my photos. That is a true testament to her and her work. If you have any reservations about doing a maternity boudoir shoot or are on the fence, JUST DO IT…and do it with Lizz!!!! You will be so so so happy that you did! Thank you Lizz and the Glam Squad for making me feel beautiful and seeing myself for what I really am! You are amazing!” Glam Girl K.

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