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What We’re Loving

We have been so busy here at the Glam House, and have had so many clients LOVING the glamorous space too! There are so many things about Fall & Winter boudoir and our studio that I personally love. . . the chandeliers! The luxurious furniture and cozy fur everywhere. . . we’ve created two separate studios, we’ve let the light stream in to our Glam Oasis. . . and filled the vintage fireplace with tons of glowing candles! STUNNING! The Glam Suite also offers an in-studio wardrobe with all things glam (stilettos, pearls, furs, etc.); the upholstered bed with exquisite pillows and bedding, fur bench, glam vanity and gorgeous moody lighting! Our team also as their own separate space for hair and make-up styling!  Did I say we are loving all things cozy or what?!…aromatherapy and… Lastly, our client’s warm and toasty outfits, such as body stockings, long sleeved velvet bodysuits, oversized sweaters,  and Glammie Jammies!

Email me to set up your cozy boudoir session!

You can also call or text me at 860-301-6359. I’d love to hear from you!

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