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Holiday Boudoir Shoot

It’s that time of the year again!!!  Time to start thinking about the perfect gift for the holiday – Hard to believe there’s just 8 more weeks ’till Christmas… Yikes!  Boudoir gifts are a great idea for the holidays and our calendar is filling up quickly!!  We’re having a blast shooting all things festive.  Recently Glam Girl J (otherwise known lovingly as our #boudoiraddict) who is now on her 6th photo shoot with Glam Boudoir was back in the studio this time for a Christmas themed photo shoot.  She was excited about her red bustier and her red & white over-the-knee elf socks!  To get some good ideas for her shoot, Glam Girl J first headed over to Pinterest for some #holidayboudoir inspiration.

Starting her experience at Bella Couture Salon for a little pampering and some gorgeous hair & makeup styling – they truly know how to make a girl feel special!

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